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The M320A1 has a maximum effective range of 150 meters on a point target and a 350-meter max effective range on an area target. Unloaded, the M320 series weighs about 3.4 pounds in the mounted configuration and about 6.4 pounds in the stand-alone configuration.

MCSC worked with its Advanced Manufacturing Operations Cell (AMOC) to speed up the fielding process. The AMOC is equipped with 3D printers, which helped quickly manufacture the special hammer strut tools needed for removing the launcher's trigger assembly. The manufacturer is still required to produce the parts, but the program office chose to expedite this process with a 3D-printable version of the tool to field the system ahead of schedule.







Marine Corps Systems Command.

※fielding process:

The process to plan, coordinate, and execute the deployment of a materiel system and its support.


The availability of support during the fielding process is a top priority for many PM offices.