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"Forget What Does The Fox Say...Toddler Girl Invents New Sound For Frogs"

America’s Funniest Home Videos

"Toddlers are famous for inventing their own words, but the little girl that you are about to meet is next level creative. Ever since that viral video came out a few years ago, we have all soon learned what the fox says. What has once been heard, cannot be unheard. However, we bet you have never wondered what does the frog say! Well, forget everything that you think you know about frogs! Get ready to learn the real language of frogs according to this sweet toddler girl! She starts off with some rather conventional animal sounds. What does a dog say? Woof-woof! What does a kitty say? Meow-meow! What does a duck say? Quack-quack! What does a cow say? Moo! What does a sheep say? Baah! What does a horse say? Neigh! And here comes the fun part. When the mom asks her little girl what does a frog say, she starts producing the sweetest little sound that actually has nothing to do with frogs, to be honest. But you just have to hear her! Cuteness overload!"