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蔡英文LSE博士論文 最快下週放回特藏閱覽室

新頭殼newtalk |吳賜山 綜合報導
倫敦政經學院(LSE)回覆北美洲台灣人教授協會(NATPA)會長蔡靜輝教授詢問有關蔡英文博士論文信件截圖。   圖:翻攝PTT網路
倫敦政經學院(LSE)回覆北美洲台灣人教授協會(NATPA)會長蔡靜輝教授詢問有關蔡英文博士論文信件截圖。   圖:翻攝PTT網路

[新頭殼newtalk] 近日關於總統蔡英文倫敦政經學院(LSE)學歷一事紛擾不斷,特別是有人對「論文」未能陳列查閱部份多有質疑。對此,北美洲台灣人教授協會(NATPA)由會長蔡靜輝教授具名,去函詢問LSE圖書館有關的工作人員,獲得「蔡英文總統論文的影本,最遲下週就會放在特藏閱覽室」的說明答覆。



Dear Professor Tsay

I can confirm that LSE has made it very clear that the thesis was submitted properly and that the degree could not have been awarded without it.

Due to the current interest, we have been given a facsimile copy of President Tsai’s thesis and it should be available in our special collections reading room by next week at the latest.

Copyright statements on all our theses from that period make it clear that any quoting or reproduction need written permission from the author – we have therefore taken the decision to restrict any copying of the thesis unless permission has been given in advance.

I hope this helps

yours sincerely


Clive Wilson (Mr)
Enquiry Services Manager (Academic Services)
London School of Economics

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